I can finally sleep at night…

I just finished reading a blog entry that dispells the myth that Microsoft SQL Server is just Sybase in a new package. While I don’t feel passionately about this, it is good information. I was a DBA for a Sybase SQL Anywhere 6.0 database in the late ’90s. Since then I’ve been working with Microsoft SQL Server. I’m interviewing for a job right now for a shop that uses Oracle. They have a full time DBA, which is really a blessing.

One of my former co-workers once told me that Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 was all Sybase code. Apparently, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 was mostly, if not all, new code. I thought the two products felt similar, but then again that could’ve been because they’re both DBMS. Well, I’m glad that we got that straightened out.