RSS on My Yahoo!

Yahoo! has finally implemented RSS for its My Yahoo! personalization pages. You can display any RSS feed on your My Yahoo! pages. I first started using My Yahoo! around 1998. I really liked being able to build a Web page and subscribe to news content. Unfortunately, I was equally put off by the banner ads and limited amount of news content available.

Frustrated by the lack of choices, I abandoned My Yahoo! in 2000 and built my own custom Web site. I really wanted a Web based RSS aggregator so I could access my feeds from anywhere. I downloaded the entire NewsIsFree database and rotated feeds out on my home page. I had pages that featured RSS feeds for politics, economics, government, science, health, technology, and entertainment. It was hosted on my Computer Science department's Web server. After I graduated, they took it down, and I forgot about it.

Five years later I can consume RSS feeds in My Yahoo! pages. The interface is a little clunky, but it's workable. I modified the WordPress 'Link This' bookmarklet to allow me to add a RSS feed to My Yahoo! without going through all the regular 'add content' steps. Here's the bookmarklet: