Taking the Plunge with Virtual Server 2005

I decided to install Virtual Server 2005 instead of using Virtual PC to host my SharePoint server. Firing up Virtual PC every time I want to access SharePoint was a real pain, but I didn't want it running all the time either. I barely notice VS2005 running. Download Virtual Server 2005 for free from Microsoft's Web site.

VS2005 installed without incident, but I had to jump through a few hoops to access my virtual server. First, there was a 404 from IIS when I tried to access the Web-based administration tool. Then I got an access denied. Once I finally got the admin tool fired up, I had no problem associating the virtual hard drive I used with Virtual PC. And the Web-based remote control client is really slick, too. Here are some pics from Virtual Server. I included a pic of the server I used to write SharePoint For Dummies.

Now I won't have to fire up SharePoint every time I get questions from readers, so keep 'em coming.