.NET 2.0 Buggy?

I'm on the lookout for a new web host because the good folks at Network Solutions can't tell me when their hosting plans will support .NET 2.0. I spoke with a local hosting company this morning and the guy didn't even know what .NET was after he assured me they support "all the popular" web dev languages. After checking with his technical folks, he told me they're not rolling out .NET 2.0 because "it's buggy". How convenient.

I'm sure the standard for rolling out a new version of a product in a Web hosting environment is much higher than the standard for rolling it out on the servers in my basement. At the same time, I'd expect a Web host to have a much better technology infrastructure for isolating new technologies. Hell, they could even charge a premium.

I think Network Solutions is really missing the boat by not hosting ASP.NET 2.0. I'm not asking anyone to install a beta product or even a first release. I went with Network Solutions because I've been burned by so many smaller hosts, but I'm definitely switching.