Reboots are Good

I work from home, and I often go long periods of time in between rebooting my laptop. I think that might be a mistake. Not because I think the machines needs it, but because I think I need it. There's nothing like clearing the taskbar to clear your mind. I often have several applications open at the same time, with at least two instances of Visual Studio. And then there are the folders and the command line (been using that a lot since my cable modem went on the fritz). I usually need Firefox and IE, because there's always something that doesn't work right or print right otherwise. And, of course, there's always five or six tabs open in Firefox.

I think having all that crap opens creates stress. Sometimes I think to reboot, but my machine is usually kind enough to do it for me – which creates stress, too. Sometimes the machine dies when I pull the power plug. Maybe I should pull the power plug more often.