Going Virtual with SharePoint

This is a slightly more technical post detailing my installation of the SharePoint beta. See my previous two posts for less technical information about the Office 2007 beta 2.

I installed Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 beta 2 on a Virtual Server. Virtual Server 2005 is a free download from Microsoft's Web site. It's a great way to set up a test environment without trashing your machines. Check out my previous post on Virtual Server for more info.

So here's my setup in a nutshell:

  • Installed Windows Server 2003 on a dynamically expanding virtual hard drive. Installed .NET Framework version 2.0 and Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2. Configured server as an IIS server.
  • Created a differencing virtual hard drive with the preceding drive as the parent.
  • Installed MOSS 2007 beta 2 on the differencing virtual hard drive.

In Virtual Server, you create virtual machines that use virtual hard drives. So, I created a base hard drive with Windows Server 2003 and all the MOSS prerequisites installed. The second virtual hard drive is a differencing hard drive. By associating it with the parent or base hard drive, my virtual machine merges both drives and runs them as a single image. The benefit is that I can create multiple differencing hard drives for use with my virtual machine. I can reuse my base or parent Windows Server 2003 hard drive with the differencing hard drives.