Installing SharePoint v3 Beta 2

There are still two flavors of SharePoint, but Microsoft is doing a pretty good job of obscuring that detail from non-technical folks. The two products are:

  • Windows SharePoint Services version 3 beta 2 (WSS) – WSS is still the foundation of all things SharePoint. It's an add-on technology for Windows Server 2003.
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 beta 2 (MOSS) – MOSS is the successor of SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and includes features such as search and content management.

WSS is bundled with the MOSS download. If you want to test WSS separate from MOSS, then you can download just WSS from the SharePoint Team's blog.

MOSS installs WSS and Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005. The MOSS installation is pretty straightforward. I just clicked Next a few times. MOSS installs and configures itself in a single server installation. There are a few prerequisites, so be sure to read the readme before installing.

You may wish to download the SQL Server Express 2005 Management Studio so you can visually manage SQL Server Express. Just remember not to mess around in the SharePoint databases themselves.