Time to Upgrade

My old server barely squeeked by running SharePoint Portal Server 2003. I must get a new machine if I want to run MOSS with any level of stability. I'm starting to spec out a new machine now. I'm really surprised at how much I can get for my money. For about $800, I can get a dual core processor, DDR2, SATA, and PCI-Express using brand-name manufacturers. These are all technologies that I couldn't touch with a ten foot pole with my old machine. (I was grateful to have AGP 2x, so I could buy an All-in-Wonder 9000.)

I spent $750 on my current machine about five years ago. It has a Tyan Tiger motherboard, dual PIII 450s, and 1GB of RAM.

Notice I didn't mention hard drives. I have new Seagate Barracudas on my current machine that I'm going to move over to the new machine. I have an old Western Digital 5400RPM that I could use as a new system drive in the old machine, but I should probably spring for a new hard drive. I plan on using the new machine for virtualization only and using the old machine for anything I don't want to run virtually.