Upgrade Update

I ordered a new machine while I was on vacation. It should’ve been here by now, but the vendor e-mailed me to say it’s late. Thanks, I knew that.

When I got back from vacation, the system drive on my primary test server conked out. I made an emergency trip to Fry’s where I picked up a Seagate 7200 RPM 250GB drive. I ended up being out of commission for about 24 hours. Getting the data off the old drive was a pain.

Fry’s had a good deal on an ECS motherboard over the weekend. I don’t know that much about ECS, but apparently they’re one of the top three mobo manufacturers in the world. If you’ve never seen a mobo manufactured, check out these two articles about two different tours of ECS facilities(1, 2). If you aren’t that familiar with mobo terminology, you might check out this printed circuit board (PCB) entry from Wikipedia first.