Medical Excess Data Loss: A Local Break-In?

Medical Excess, an insurer and member company of AIG, had a file server stolen in March. The file server contained the names and social security numbers of almost one million people. In late May, the company started notifying its insurance brokers of the data loss. In mid-June, a handful of the folks whose information was comprised started receiving letters in the mail from Medical Excess.

Rest assured, Medical Express tells us the data is password protected and the thieves were only interested in the hardware. Several articles mention that the server was stolen from ME’s Midwest office. I’m guessing they mean the office in Indianapolis, since that’s the only Midwest location listed on their Web site.

According to AIG’s Identify Theft and Fraud Division, “Personal information such as a social security number or credit card number can be compromised in seconds”. The site goes on to say “Regardless of how cautious or prudent you may be, the threat to your assts has never been greater. ” I concur.