I Don’t Get Flash

I know that I’m wishing the wrath of all the Flash-ites on me by saying this, but I don’t like Flash-enabled Web sites. In fact, I skip Flash every chance I get. I find it very hard to navigate.

Take this example: Adobe (the makers of Flash) have created a tribute to Flash (in Flash) to celebrate its ten year anniversary. I waited over two minutes for the tribute to download (via my Cable modem which usually gets around 5MB down). The tribute has a splashy intro showing a guy with his arms wide open to the sky. I didn’t get much beyond that because once the intro went away, I couldn’t figure out how to navigate. So, I bailed, which is pretty much what I do everytime I encounter Flash. I did give the screen a second look before I exited to see if the navigation was going to jump out at me, but it didn’t.

I think for people who like Flash, the navigation is apparent. To me, I don’t want stuff flying around the screen (i.e. animated) while I’m trying to click on it. Just stay where you are and let me click.