IE Loses More Ground to Firefox and Safari

According to the latest browser statistics, Internet Explorer’s market share has fallen to 82.10 %, a drop of almost 5 percentage points from this time last year. Firefox has 12.46% and Safari’s at 3.53%.

On page 3 of the book CSS Web Design For Dummies, the author, Richard Mansfield boldly declares the end of the browser the wars. He declares that users of non-IE browsers

“are accustomed to the penalties for sticking with a fringe browser.”

I don’t think so.

Of course, IE could correct itself when IE 7 releases later this month. Either way, Microsoft has worked hard to make IE 7 more standards compliant. Microsoft has listened to its corporate customers who tell them they want to build standards compliant Web sites. And that’s why IE 7 is more standards compliant and software like SharePoint vNext works in IE, Firefox, and Safari. Even Microsoft knows that alienating site developers isn’t the way to endear itself to the community.