Audience Targeting in SharePoint 2010

Near as I can tell, audience targeting hasn’t really changed any in SharePoint 2010. Targeting is fairly straightforward (in SharePoint Server 2007 or 2010) unless you want to target individual list items. You have to use the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) in order to target individual list items. The CQWP has two properties that you can set:

  • Apply Audience Filtering tells the CQWP that you want it to honor any audiences that are set for individual list items. The actual property name is FilterByAudience.
  • Include items that are not targeted tells the CQWP to honor your audiences and include any items that don’t have any audiences specified. The property name is ShowUntargetedItems.

I frequently use the Data Form Web Part (aka Data View) because it’s so much easier to work with than CQWP. Unfortunately, when item level audience targeting is required, I have to use CQWP.

I’m working on some techniques with CQWP that allow me to use it very similarly to a Data View – one XSL stylesheet associated with one web part (that can also take advantage of all the groovy utility XSL templates of the CQWP). I’ll post more on that later.