Still looking for a way to archive personal email

E-mail is an important information repository. I’d like to be able to filter through e-mail using SharePoint search. I’ve experimented with forwarding or cc’ing e-mail to an e-mail enabled document library. That works okay, but the problem is that the e-mail is still in a proprietary format. I want a tool that is smart enough to read inboud e-mail and extract the header info into metadata.

I’m looking at two possible solutions:

  • MailArchiva can intercept e-mail from virtually any e-mail server, convert it into a standardized format, archive it to a file system, index it using Lucene, and then provide a retrieval interface. Sounds pretty good so far.
  • Emailchemy (love the name) converts mail to standardized format, but it’s geared towards migration and forensic analysis. Looks like they could accommodate a larger scale solution via their old-school Service Bureau.

Looks like  a proof of concept is in my future…