Getting Started with VMWare

I’ve used VMWare Player on my laptop for awhile now, but most of the VMs I get are pre-built by Microsoft. So I have to convert them from Hyper-V to VMWare. Not a big deal, but it adds another step. Losing that conversion step was one driver for going to Hyper-V Server on my laptop.

However, I’m intrigued with VMWare’s ThinApp product. With ThinApp, you can essentially make applications portable. For example, I could run Adobe Creative Suite on my laptop without the need to actually install it on my laptop. Cool stuff. For a limited time, you can get a ThinApp license when you buy VMWare Workstation.

I want to try out Workstation anyway to see how it compares to my native Hyper-V set up, so I’m going to bang on ThinApp while I’m at it.

You can download ThinApp and Workstation for a 60-day trial here:

This YouTube video walks through the steps of installing Workstation and using ThinApp to capture an application (in this case, Opera):