Getting SharePoint 2010 Activity Feeds in RSS

SharePoint 2010 offers activity feeds that provide two views –

  • You can see some of the actions of your colleagues – what they tag and comment on, when they update their profile, etc.
  • Your colleagues can see those same actions about you.

SharePoint 2010 offers a couple of web parts for displaying activity feeds. You can also get the contents of the activity feeds in RSS format.

To get your activities in RSS format, browse to the activityfeed.aspx page:

To get the activities of your colleagues in RSS format, use the consolidated=true query string:

To get the activities of a particular user, pass  in the user account using the publisher parameter:

Here are a few screen shots:

I’ve tested the output in the SharePoint 2010 RSS Viewer Web Part, and it works. It’s not the most interesting read, but it could be extended to provide a richer RSS experience for activity feeds.